Richmond, Virginia, December 28, 2021

Copper's Biocidal and Fungicidal Properties Preserves

Civil War Artifacts Found Under Robert E. Lee Monument

The Washington Post reported that a time capsule, a copper

box, was found after a statue of Robert E. Lee was removed

by an order issued by the Governor of Virginia.   The article

said that that the "copper box did a surprisingly good job of weathering 134 years."  The copper time capsule, or copper

box, was buried back in 1887.

Kate Ridgway, archaeological conservator for the Virginia Department of Historical Resources "speculated that the

copper material of the box had acted as a fungicide and

biocide to kill microorganisms  that might  otherwise have

eaten the paper items within."

After opening the copper time capsule, The conservators

"found that many items were wet and stuck together, but

they were mostly intact."  Ridgeway said that "We thought

that everything would be soup, and it's not soup, so that's