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The Antimicrobial Copper Action Network is a team of consults ready to work with you to install antimicrobial copper into your facility.  To see our previous work, go to the Demonstration Projects menu tab under Is Copper Right For Me? (  We also recommend watching the videos on the Home page menu (  Our role is to work with you to facilitate incorporating antimicrobial copper into your workplace to solve any existing or potential infection problems.


Start the process by sending an email to:  Tell us who you are and your company, describe what you believe you want to do, and what problems you need solved that could be addressed by incorporating antimicrobial copper to your facility.

How the Antimicrobial Copper Action Network Can Help

The Antimicrobial Copper Action Network provides a range of help and guidance that can take many forms.

  • Send us an email message (  Our reply may be as simple as providing you with a technical paper, or putting you in touch with another organization, such as component maker or alloy suppliers.

  • Our reply to your message may recommend a follow up phone conversation.

  • If you wish to involve others in your organization, we could provide a group presentation either online or in person.

  • If you want more extensive assistance, we can provide consulting at a range of levels

          -  We can work with you to finds sources of standard or custom components made from antimicrobial copper alloys. 

          -  We can provide guidance on how to outfit a room or an entire facility with antimicrobial copper surfaces and components 

The Antimicrobial Copper Action Network is independent and not sponsored by any commercial entity, and is self-supported.  Please note that fees my apply to any activity beyond initial emails and phone calls. 


After more than 15 years of sustained investment to develop the scientific evidence base, secure regulatory approvals, stimulate product development and raise awareness, industry trade associations have transferred further market development responsibilities to the supply chain.  This website was created to fill that void for the sole purpose of advocating for the deployment of antimicrobial copper in the fight against bacteria that cause infections.  

Contact us at:

The drop-down pages under Contact Us menu tab, provide an extensive listing of what is available to you when you design your updated facility.  We are highly familiar with all of this information.  We recommend that you contact us ( and we will guide you through this listing.

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