Demonstration Projects

Scroll down to view a brief description of the following installations and demonstration projects.  

  • Ronald McDonald House

  • LA Kings Training Center

  • Pullman Regional Hospital

  • Atlanta Airport

  • Pingry School

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House is an international organization that provides a place for immune-compromised children undergoing hospital treatments to stay with their families.  The Charleston South Carolina facility was chosen because of its proximity to the Medical University of South Carolina to facilitate bacterial sampling pre- and post-installation.  Another objective of this project was to engage the supply chain and encourage the manufacture of components made from antimicrobial copper alloys.  All of the components installed were made of EPA registered alloys.  Thus, this project serves as an example of what other public and private facilities could do to control infectious disease spread in their facility.  Funding for the installation was provided by the members of the Copper Development Association and the International Copper Association. 

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Atlanta International Airport

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